Publicado em 07/04/2018

Now I’m living in Spain and working in a translation of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations to Portuguese, and on a content portal named Estóicos.

I’m also working with Eduardo Fuzeto on Delta Containers. Goal: lead generation and unique visitors. Focus: SEO, SEM, and Python Gambiarras that do whatever needs to be done.

Finally, I’ll open a café here in Valencia, called Tropicália. I’m working on that with my cousin, Ligia. We are drawing inspiration from the 60’s Brazillian Tropicalist movement for the aesthetic, and from Michael E. Gerber’s E-myth for business models.

I’m listening to brazillian classical guitar and watching Choque de Cultura in a loop. The last piece of art that enchanted me was Over the Garden Wall.

Trying to improve my Python and Ruby on Rails, and Javascript. I’ve been developing a web app and think it’ll launch soon. I’m also trying to improve my Abstract Thiking skills, using Mental Models

I’m reading MONEY: Master the game