This is a curated list based on recommendations of experienced friends / professional references on how I should start building knowledge to become a great product manager.

My goal here is to immerse myself on the concepts of product management and soak up as much knowledge possible to implement this on my day-to-day routine.

Remember (how to learn something):

  • focus on what's interesting,
  • ignore (skip) what's boring
  • you don't have the obligation to read the whole book. read only what's appealing to you. if it's trash, throw it away.
  • take smart notes and write a guide summarizing your findings to make this knowledge more accessible to rookies in the future

Who to follow on Twitter:

Reading list:



How to read:

  • First skim the books to see if they are useful or not.
  • While skimming, take note of the important parts (but don't fully read them. just note down important parts)
  • Come back and read the important parts carefully and summarize them

For Skimming:

In progress:

  • 30% -  Shape Up
  • 60%  - Product Led Organization
  • 90%  -  The hard thing about the hard things


from @JustAnotherPM on twitter
  • I've found the Inspired Product Management and Cracking the PM Interview Books to be uninteresting. I'm Ignoring them.